Store Credit Guide (Revel Version 2.19)

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In Revel version 2.19, new Store Credit functionality was added, which functions independent of Gift Cards. When an order with negative balance is created, a Store Credit button will appear in the action button list:



(Note that in order to use this feature, both the action button and payment button must be visible on the POS. You can enable them in the Management Console via the Establishment > Establishment > Stations page.


Creating store credit

In order to use store credit functionality, the order must have a negative balance. You can create one by:

  • Voiding items without refunding/partially refunding
  • Returning items without refunding/partially refunding
  • Comping items without refunding/partially refunding
  • Making an exchange
  • Creating a receiptless return

Tapping Add to Store Credit will move the balance due to TOTAL. After that, tapping the Pay button will prompt a Create Store Credit? pop-up. Pressing Yes will prompt you to select whether you want to print a receipt with the store credit balance or send it to an email.

(Note: If the prompt to create store credit does not appear, you can press the Retry Load Credit action button on the payment screen):

Choosing the email option will prompt you to enter the customer's email address; if the customer is already added to the order, the POS will pull the email from the customer's CRM record instead. Selecting the print option will print a receipt with a store credit number, amount and additional barcode that can be scanned:

Paying with Store Credit 

To pay with store credit, proceed as usual by:

  1. Adding items to an order
  2. Tapping the Pay button
  3. Tapping Store Credit

Then, a prompt to Enter Card Number will appear:

You can either scan the barcode on the receipt or enter the code manually. 

Store Credit can be used multiple times until the balance runs out; if an order is created with a higher value than the remaining store credit, you will see a Insufficient funds on card; Order is only partially paid message.

In order to close the order, the Balance Due will have to be paid using any other available payment method.

Functionality Notes

  • When entering the Store Credit Number manually, make sure the SC part at the beginning of the number is written in capital letters.
  • When paying with store credit for an order with Balance due less than store credit amount, it will be deducted and can be re-used until the balance is zero. No receipt with remaining balance is printed.
  • Store Credit balances can be tracked via the Management Console (found under Reports > Other Reports > Store Credit Cards).
  • To restrict employee access to Store Credit functionality, log in to the Management Console and navigate to Employees > Role Permissions and remove the Void/Comp/Return/Exchange permission from the employee role you want to restrict. 

Reports (Management Console) 

Store Credit will appear as a liability in the Sales Summary report:

All store credit balances and numbers can be found in the Management Console at Reports > Other Reports > Store Credit Cards:

All store credit actions can be found at Reports > Other Reports > Store Credit Transactions:




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