Change Your Payment Gateway/Processor

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Revel offers you the flexibility to change payment processors and gateways to take advantage of lower rates.


Compatible Gateways

Below are payment gateways that integrate with Revel but require a separate credit card processor:

  • USAePay
  • FreedomPay

The following integrate with Revel and act as both a processor and a gateway:

  • World Pay/TriPOS
  • World Pay/Mercury
  • Moneris (Canada)

Gateway Changes

Because each card swipe is configured for its unique gateway, if you want to change your payment gateway, you'll first need to purchase new card swipes encrypted for your new gateway. (Our recommendation: if you purchase the new card swipes from us, we can ensure that they ship with the correct encryption; card swipes cannot be re-encrypted.) As a rule of thumb, you'll want to have your card swipes and new gateway account set up before scheduling any changes with Revel.

To change your gateway:

  1. Make sure you have your new card swipes and your new gateway account set up first.
  2. Use this form and fill out the correct information to submit a ticket to our Payment Operations team.

Processor Changes

If your payment processor is USAePay or FreedomPay, new card swipes are not required, as the gateway will remain the same. For processor changes, you will need to schedule a time with our operations team to update your VAR information. Use the same scheduling link as above to begin the process.

Scheduling Link

Basic Processor/Gateway Changes:

Request a Processor Change

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