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How to Export Employee Hours to ADP

By Vince Barisone


With Revel, you can export the hours your employees worked (in CSV form) for later use in ADP. 


To set this up, first log in to your Management Console ([yoursubdomain] Once you're there:

1. Switch to the Schedules tab.

2. Click Time Sheet Rules:


3. Check the box next to Enable ADP Report.

4. After that, type your ADP company code in the Company Code ADP field that appears:

5. You'll also need to add your employees' ADP numbers to each of their Revel profiles. Use the black header bar to switch to the Employees tab, then click the pencil icon (Edit Details) to open the employee's profile:


6. Type the employee's ADP number in the External ID field:


7. Click Save.

8. Repeat steps 5-7 for each employee. 


The ADP report can then be exported via Schedules > Payroll – just click the Export link at the top right of the table:

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