Tyro is an Australian payment gateway, card swipe provider, and acquirer. All of the equipment will be sourced by Tyro.

There are two types of Tyro integrations—a standard one and Tyro Pay@Table. With a standard integration, the payment process has to be initiated on the POS. With the Pay@Table integration, the payment can be initiated on the pinpad and then closed on the POS.

Standard Integration Setup

To configure the settings for the Standard integration (not Pay@Table), just contact Revel support—we'll take care of the rest!

Pay@Table Integration

The Pay@Table integration is a bit different; before you start, you'll need to email Tyro support (cs@tyro.com) to request:

  • A software update, if applicable, to version 14.14.0 or above.
  • Your merchant trading name.
  • Your Merchant ID and Terminal ID.

You should also provide them:

  • Your iPad's static IP address (you can always contact Support if you don’t know where to find it).
  • The passphrase ghD6783r%t

Once the configuration on Tyro's end is done, contact Support and we will enable Tyro options on your Revel POS.

After your card swipes arrive and you connect them to your Revel system, you'll just need to pair them with your iPad via the Revel iPad POS app. Here's how:

  1. Log in to the Revel app with a manager's PIN.
  2. Go to Settings > Manager > Tyro Integration.
  3. Select the terminal type (Yoximo or Yomani).
  4. On the Tyro terminal, tap Menu > Configuration (requires a Tyro admin PIN).
  5. Tap Integrated EFTPOS > Standard Integration > Pair with POS.
  6. On the Revel POS, enter Merchant ID (MID) and Terminal ID (TID) as per the Tyro terminal, then tap Authenticate.
  7. On the Tyro terminal, tap Pair (or Retry if you have already attempted to pair).
  8. The Revel POS should then display Pairing Successful.
  9. Tap Dismiss.

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