Q: What is the change to my fee?

Revel and USAePay will be increasing the fees for existing customers to $49/month per location + $20/5000 transactions as of February 1, 2017. (This pricing will replace the old pricing of $15/month +$79/year +$10/5000 transactions/month).

Q: Why did costs change?

For the entirety of Revel and USAePay’s partnership we have done our best to keep fees low and absorb additional costs. Additional security requirements and other functionality enhancements have caused this change in fee structure.

Q: What do I get for the additional cost?

  • Additional money spent toward research and development of new technologies that will benefit you as our customers.
  • The best and latest technology. Revel and USAePay are constantly developing new features and offerings to add value for our customers and their businesses. This includes more protective security measures, new device offerings, new payment acceptance functionality, among others.
  • A more direct, simplified fee structure allows you to more accurately predict your spend.

Q: What else?

All existing customers will be upgraded to the Platinum package which offers additional fraud protection to ensure your transaction data is protected under the latest and most protective security measures. Platinum package includes:

  • Increased fraud protection from the Gateway Portal
  • Enhanced reporting capabilities from the Gateway Portal

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