Intermediate Inventory

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The Intermediate Inventory feature allows the user to prepare ingredients / modifiers / products in advance by running recipes for each, ahead of time. To support this, Revel has added a "Prep Recipe" setting for modifiers, ingredients, and products, nested inside the details page, under the "Recipe" section..

Creating a Recipe

  1. Navigate to an Ingredients or a Modifiers details page.
  2. Using the Recipe section, click "+Add New Ingredient" and search for, or select an ingredient from the dropdown menu.
  3. Enter in the quantity and repeat steps 4-5 for the rest of the ingredients.
  4. Hit Save in the top right.

Prep Recipe Setting


After creating a recipe, users that prepare products, modifiers, or ingredients prior to selling them should check the "Prep Recipe" box and enter a value in the "Recipe Yield" field, which will be used as the default yield, meaning, the amount a recipe should generate. Note: "Recipe Yield" applies only to Prep Recipes and is ignored if the recipe is not a Prep Recipe. If the Prep Recipe setting is not enabled, the recipe will be consumed at the time of sale.

Once these settings are properly configured, the user will need to run the "Prep Recipe" tool, referenced in the next section. Otherwise, the ingredient(s) will be consumed at the time of sale.

Running a Recipe

The "Prep Recipes" tool has been added to the Inventory page, as shown below.

Prep Recipes


This page will include a list of all the products, ingredients, and modifiers whose recipes are marked "Prep Recipe". Clicking Prep_Button.png  next to the recipe will allow the user to adjust the values for each ingredient, as well as the number of times it is run by the actual yield. The user may run the recipe by clicking Prepare_Button.png which will then take the ingredients out of the inventory and put the result into the inventory. The cost of the result will be based on the costs of the ingredients at the time the recipe is run.

When the user runs a recipe, they can input how many times they wish to run the recipe by the:

  • Original Recipe
  • Projected Input – The amount of an ingredient (with the ability to choose that ingredient from those in the recipe)
  • Projected Yield – The desired output; changing the amount of times you want to run a recipe will cause Revel to calculate and alter the ingredients going into the running of the recipe and the projected yield
    Run a Recipe


Note: Users may set an "Actual Yield" in case they do not get as many products as they had expected for the ingredients used.

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