New Features in Version 2.25

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New and Enhanced Features for All Establishment Types


Quickly access the Sales Summary Report with updated header for easy filter options to view sales by type, by station, by channel, and more.

With the enhanced Product Mix report, take greater control of your sales and product data at a single location or across multiple establishments and track all items sold, regardless of how many locations sell each product and easily save your reporting settings.

Gain greater insight into your inventory with additions to the Product Inventory Log export including PO number, transfer number, and invoice number.

Enhance loss prevention best practices by tracking Voids, Returns, and Deletions with new Adjustments Report.

Action Log

Track important changes made to a number of settings including Time Worked, Establishment, and tax settings in the Management Console to enhance operational security and better identify how and where functional issues arise to correct them quickly.


Protect valuable data in your POS application and Management Console with intelligent lockout after too many failed login attempts.

Employee Management

Create employee PINs automatically when new employees are entered into the system, even when importing multiple employees through file upload.

Product Controls

Export and import products and modifiers and—using the advanced options—auto populate product fields with corresponding modifiers for existing products.

House Accounts

Enable multiple House Accounts through a single import and make refunds and adjustments quickly on the Management Console.

Insights by Revel

Track employee shifts more carefully with enhanced functionality to know exactly when employees started their shifts. Get a global view of all locations total sales each day in a quick digestible format.

POS User Interface

Run your daily operations on a cleaner, brighter POS User Interface (UI), while executing all critical operation with the current familiar actions.

Voids and Returns

Identify Voids separately from Returns with new functionality that separates pre- and post-purchase actions.


Leverage volume- and reference-based discounts without restriction and have the discount accurately reflected based on the total quantity.

Easily designate which products are eligible for discounts and target which items in a bundle or combo receive the price reduction.


Target or omit specific items for discounts and include multiples of the same product in combos with desired pricing.

Repeat Orders

Ring your customers up faster at both the POS and Kiosk by allowing users to reorder items from a list of the customer’s recent orders.

Credit Card Present Refunds

Improve the customer experience with new refund functionality by allowing customers to be refunded on credit cards, even with receiptless returns and exchanges. Feature currently only available for FreedomPay, but more processors will be added soon!

Multiple Currencies

Track foreign currency payments more accurately for establishments that accept more than one currency type.

Invoice Payments

Sync invoices that reside on different POS stations to a cloud server to ensure proper most up-to-date information is presented when invoices are displayed.

End of Day and Batching Notifications

Receive notification about open orders when running the EOD wizard as well as any issues if orders aren’t batched out within a 24 hour time frame.

Online Ordering

Never miss an order with enhancements to notifications and alerts on the POS for incoming orders from Online Ordering and Custom Commerce.

Provide customers the ability to submit their modification requests via Online Ordering channels with new Special Requests functionality that can be enabled on the Management Console.

Enhance your Online Ordering functionality with Google Maps plug-in and Facebook login features to allow customers to quickly engage with your business.


Proactively engage with your customers when appointments are made; provide customers flexibility in modifying and updating appointments online.

New Integrations

Expand and enhance your Revel platform functionality with integrations like ADP, Como, LoyaltyPlant, Punchh, LevelUp, and more!

New and Enhanced Features for Restaurants


Reconcile delivery drivers’ transactions more accurately with enhancements to Management Console tender reports.

Product Controls

Ensure that new products added to the menu show up to the appropriate kitchen printer with alerts that prompt for printer designation and easily set starting inventory.

Tip Settings

Opt-in to tips more easily with simplified auto-enabled tip functionality for all non-retail establishment types. Quickly change your tip settings under the Payments screen in the Management Console.

Enable pre-tip options for Online Ordering platforms that allows customers the ability to add tips to their orders.

Prep Inventory

Improve ingredient-tracking accuracy for prepared recipe inventory prior to time of sale; manually adjust for recipe output irregularities.

Kitchen Display System (KDS)

Ensure better food preparation execution by tapping a menu item displayed on the KDS screen to quickly reveal associated recipe order so kitchen employees can build product to specification every time.

Delivery Management

Introduce delivery into your operation with new UberRUSH integration that allows on-demand delivery drivers to be hailed through the KDS, and easily pass the service charge onto the customer.

New and Enhanced Features for Retail

Shelf Labels

Print shelf edge labels for products and include useful product reference information including product price, product SKU, and scannable barcode.

Store-to-Store Returns

Increase customer satisfaction with the ability to support returns on purchases made across all your locations for cash and store credit.

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