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Auto Delivery of Reports

By Douglas


Revel has expanded its report exporting capabilities for users that wish to have more control over how often report exports are sent out, and where they are sent to. Users can create templates that include a number of supported report types, various file format types, and multiple establishments.

In the Management Console, these templates are referred to as "Email Report Jobs". To configure a new template, click the "Email Report Jobs" button located on Email Address settings header, on the Settings page. The image below highlights the button.

Email Report Job Access Button


Clicking on the button will bring the user to the main Email Report Jobs list page, shown in the image below. This page displays all previously configured Email Report Job templates, the reports that are sent out in that template, and the configured time periods at which those reports are sent out. Users can also set templates as active or inactive.

Email Report Jobs, List Page


Users can add a new job template by clicking the "+Add Email Report Job" button at the bottom of the list. Clicking the edit job edit_email_jobs_icon.png icon for a previously created job will bring up the configured settings for that template. Both actions will bring the user to the Email Report Jobs > Details page, shown below.

Email Reports Jobs, Details


The following table describes the configurable options shown on this page.

Email Report Jobs Settings
Name The name of the report job.
Reports The Reports which will be included in the Report Job. The supported reports are: Sales Summary, Product Mix, Operations, Product Inventory Summary, Ingredient Inventory Summary, and Labor.
Format The format that the user will receive the reports in. User can choose CSV, Excel, or PDF formats.
Time Period The reporting time period for the reports. The user can select the following:
  • Daily - Users receive reporting data daily, with data from that day.
  • Weekly - Users will receive reporting data at the start of the week, with data from the previous week.
  • Monthly - Users will receive reporting data on the first of the month, with data from the previous month.
  • Quarterly - Users will receive reporting data on January 1st, April 1st, July 1st, and October 1st, with data from the previous quarter.
  • Yearly - Users will receive reporting data on January 1st, with data from the previous year.
Establishment(s) The establishment data that will be included in the reports. The current establishment will be selected by default.
Target Type Specifies whether to send the report data to various email addresses, or to web servers. To send to a web server, select the HTTP option.
Target(s) - For Emails - Enter the name of the target email addresses in the field. Multiple addresses should be separated by commas.

- For webs servers - User will need to enter:

  • Address - The web address of the server.
  • Login - An authorized user name for that server.
  • Password - The password for that user name.
Active Specifies if the report job is active or inactive.

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