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Please contact Revel Support to enable this setting.

Revel now supports a periodic inventory model. This type of model allows users to receive inventory in way that is easier for accounting systems to understand. Under this inventory model, the Purchase Orders and Reorders pages are suppressed and do not appear in the Inventory section, and users can not receive products directly into Inventory pages. Instead, users enter their data into the new Inventory > Purchase Ledger page. This page allows users to create receipts and corrections (overriding receipts that were entered incorrectly). These receipts and corrections will then create inventory log files, which in turn, add inventory, update costs, or adjust inventory as appropriate.

To enable this inventory model, users will need to contact Revel Support. On the Settings / Staff Settings page, the "Enable Purchase Ledger" setting will appear once the "Vendor PO's" setting has been enabled.

Please Note: If Purchase Ledgers are enabled, the ability to import inventory spreadsheets (Inventory>...> Import/ Export) will be disabled. 

To enter a new receipt or correction:

  1. Navigate to the Inventory > Purchase Ledger page.


  2. Click the "Create New" button at the top of the page.
  3. Enter the invoice or correction number in the "Invoice/Correction #" field.
  4. Click the "Invoice Date" field to reveal the date picker to select a date for the invoice.
  5. Select whether the entry is a receipt or correction by clicking the corresponding button in the "Invoice Type" field.
  6. (For Corrections) If the entry is a correction, enter the number of the original invoice that is being corrected in the "Original Invoice #" field.
  7. Using the drop down menu in the "Vendor Name" to select the vendor.
  8. (Optional) enter any notes about the entry in the "Invoice Note" field.


  9. In the Product List field, click the field to expose the product pop up list. Select the desired product.
  10. Enter the amount of product in the "Qty" field. Note: This field can currently only support whole numbers, no decimals are accepted. 
  11. Enter the tax rate for the product in the "Tax Rate" field.

    Note: The "Vendor Item ID" and the "Cost" fields are also adjustable.


  12. Repeat steps 9-11 for any other products.
  13. Click Save when finished.
  14. Click Submit when ready to submit the entry. Submitted entries CANNOT be edited.

Once submitted, receipts and corrections will be shown on the main Purchase Ledger page. Users can print out the data on this page, or export it to a CSV file.

Populated Purchase Order List


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