Refunding Payments With Credit Card Present Returns

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Revel now supports credit-card-present refunds, allowing users to put money back on customer credit cards for refunded products, even without the original order. This functionality applies to receiptless returns and exchanges (where the return consists of any overages). Please note that this feature is only available to users with a FreedomPay, Mercury/Vantiv, or USAePay Payment Gateway.


How to Activate Card-Present Refund Settings

In order to accept card-present refunds, you must first activate this functionality on your management console. To do so:

  1. Navigate to the Management Console [] and go to Settings.
  2. Click the Clear Selections option and type in "receiptless" in the search box.
  3. Check the box for receiptless returns to display all available settings on the right, as well as the box to Enable card-present refunds.
  4. On the right, check the boxes to Enable Receiptless Return and Enable Card Present Refunds and Save. When you enable card-present refunds, you can choose to activate this for In Store Returns, Receiptless Returns and/or Cross Store Returns. If you have multiple establishments, please refer to Store-to-Store Returns for more information:
    Note: Currently, this feature is only supported for FreedomPay users. Future releases will add support for other payment processors.

How to Perform a Return on the Point of Sale

To credit a customer's credit card for a returned purchase, follow the steps below:

  1. On the Point of Sale, on the Dashboard, choose Orders1.jpg

  2. A window will open on the screen; select the  icon to see additional options: 2.jpg

  3. Click on Advanced Search:

  4. Click on Search by Credit Card:4.jpg

  5. Enter the Last 4 digits of the credit card that was used on the original purchase5.jpg

  6. You'll see all orders associated with that credit card. Select the one with items that need returned and the order will open: Search_results.jpg

  7. In the Order, click on the icon for additional Actions and choose Return Item(s): return.jpg

  8. Select the items to return. If there is only one item in the order, you can select that item; if there are multiple items in the order, you can tap the item(s) to be returned. You can also use the Select All button to return all items in the order:

  9. Once an item is selected, it will move to the right side of the screen as Item(s) to be Returned. Note, you can adjust quantities and indicate whether or not you want the item(s) to be returned to inventory. If the item is resaleable, then you can return to inventory to be resold; if it is a perishable item or something that cannot be resold, change to No. When finished, choose Nextselect_unselect.jpg

  10. You'll be required to enter a reason for the return. If you have created default return reasons, you can choose from those or you can type in your own reason for the return. Choose OK when finished: reason.jpg

  11. You'll be prompted to indicate if you want to refund the transaction to the original payment method. Choose Refund to do so or No Thanks if you do not want to refund the customer's credit card:refund.jpg

  12. Once complete, you'll see a confirmation on screen that the refund was successful: refund_complete.jpg

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