Como Loyalty Integration

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Revel has integrated with Como loyalty and rewards. After configuring the "Como Loyalty" setting on the Settings > Gift, Rewards and Admin Cards page in the Management Console. The integration will function on the POS as such:

Tapping the Redeem Rewards button on the right hand side of the payments screen will open up the "COMO actions" window, allowing the customer to:

1. Use Code (does not require information about a Como account; just allows the customer to redeem a code). The customer may scan a QR code or manually enter it in. This code is then applied to the order.

Use QR Code to Redeem


2. Sign in using their Como account credentials

COMO Account Authorization


After the customer has signed in to their Como account, they can perform one of three functions:

  • A list of available gifts to choose from
  • Use a QR code
  • Pay using their Como loyalty account

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