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In the Management Console ([yoursubdomain], the Basic Products Details page allows you to customize each item's settings. For a Quick Service or Table Service establishment, there may be helpful settings you want to enable.


Navigating Basic Product Details

Revel makes it easy to navigate through product settings. To do so:

  1. In the Management Console, navigate to the Products tab.
  2. Click the plus icon to expand the Category and Subcategory where the product is located.
  3. Next, click the product details icon:

  4. You can scroll through the settings or look for a specific one. If you know what settings you want to edit, click Clear selections, then type the name of the setting in the search bar. Select the checkbox for the name of the setting you want to edit:

  5. Notice each setting has a question mark known as a tool tip next to it. When you hover over the tool tip, a description of what the settings does will appear:

Customizing Basic Product Details:

Some product settings that are helpful for Quick Service or Table Service restaurants are:

    1. Price Tiers: Price Tiers allow you to set alternate prices for each product. For example, if you have a different price for your happy hour menu, you can enter an alternative price here, and create a discount based on the alternative price.
    2. Allow price override: If enabled, this setting allows you to change the price of an item on the POS. This function is most commonly used for open items. If you set the price of an item as $0, and enable price override, you'll be prompted to enter the price of the item when you select it on the POS.
    3. Sold by Weight: If enabled, this will prompt you to put in a weight every time you select this specific item on the point of sale. For example, if you were selling frozen yogurt by the ounce, you would enter the price per ounce in the Price field and check Sold by Weight.
    4. Is Cold: If enabled, this will mark the specific item as not taxable on take out or delivery orders.
    5. Color Codes: The color code feature will allow you to set a specific color for the category, subcategory, or product buttons on the POS.
    6. Printers: If you have a kitchen printer or a kitchen display, you'll need to attach the printer name to the product. Every time you send the order from the POS, it will send to the kitchen display or kitchen printer it’s assigned to.
    7. Course Number: If your restaurant uses set courses, the course number field will allow you to preset a course number for this specific item. For instance, you could set all appetizers as Course 1:

Always remember to click Save to finalize your changes.

Customizing Basic Product Details with Excel:

If you'd like to adjust your products' settings in bulk, you can choose to export certain settings into an Excel spreadsheet. To do this:

  1. Navigate to the main Products tab.
  2. In the bottom left of the sidebar, click Import/ Export and select Products from the drop-down:

  3. In the next page, switch the Export Type to Advanced.
  4. In the Export Contents field, you can select the settings you want to mass edit. Once you selections are added, click Export:

  5. In the exported file, make your adjustments, save the file, and import it through the Import Products section in the Management Console.

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