Client Notification for Incorrect QBO Account Setup

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If your account setup in QuickBooks Online do not match the Quickbooks Account requirements of the integration, you will now receive automatic e-mail instructions to correct the accounts are wrong. Revel will pause your Sync 

Below you will find an example of the email which you will receive. The e-mail contains the accounts which are preventing Revel from syncing into QuickBooks. The correct account configurations can be found here. Once you have updated their configuration, the sync can be resumed per the instructions in the e-mail. 



This is an automatic notification email regarding your Revel Point of Sale Intergation with QuickBooks Online.
Due to the current state of your Quickbooks Online List of Accounts mismatch with Revel Settings, data synchronization between Revel Point of Sale and QuickBooks Online has been paused for {} and Establishment {est.#}.
The related QuickBooks Online Company is {Customers QBO Company Name}.
Please go to QuickBooks Online Settings -> Chart of Accounts 
Update the given List of Accounts in QBO according to the given AccountSubType.
Then, select the accounts from Revel Dashboard > Settings > QuickBooks > Online Accounts > Advanced and Save. 

[{'name': 'Liability Account', 'accountsubtype': ['OtherCurrentLiabilities']}, {'name': 'House Account', 'accountsubtype': ['Inventory']}, {'name': 'House Acc. Adjust Account', 'accountsubtype': ['OtherMiscellaneousExpense']}]

If you continue to have problems with data sync after taking the above steps, please reach out to Revel Support at (415) 744-1433 or email

Thank you,
Revel Systems


Using the example email above, here are the steps you would have to take to resolve the issue before resuming the sync.

1. Check the accounts listed in the email that are in error.

2. Open the Account Mapping Requirements Guide Here.

3. Open your QBO Company file at

4. In QBO > Transactions > Chart of Accounts or Settings (gear icon) > Chart of Accounts.

5. Search for the Account in question (for this example, we will look at {'name': 'House Account', 'accountsubtype': ['Inventory']}.


6. Check that the "Detail Type" in QBO matches 'accountsubtype': ['...'] in the email you received. 

7. To change the Account Detail Type to match the email (or this guide here) first click the small arrow next to the account > edit.


8. Change the account type to the correct one and Save


9. You should then go back to your Revel URL > Settings > QuickBooks > Setup QuickBooks Online Integration > Advanced View > select the accounts in the mapping > Save.


Below is a list of account types and subtypes needed for accounts to appear in the mapping section for QBO:

Account Name Account Type Account Subtype Classification
Income Account Income Sales Of Product Income Revenue
COGS Account Cost of Goods Sold Supplies Materials Cogs Expense
Asset Account Other Current Asset Inventory Asset
Liability Account Other Current Liability Other Current Liabilities Liability
Discount Account Income Discounts Refunds Given Revenue
Cash Drawer Pay-ins Expense Office General Administrative Expenses Expense
Cash Drawer Pay-outs Expense Office General Administrative Expenses Expense
Cash Account Bank CashOnHand Asset
Customer Deposit Account Other Current Liability Other Current Liabilities Liability
Gift Cards Outstanding Account Other Current Liability Other Current Liabilities Liability
CRV Adjustment Account Other Current Liability Other Current Liabilities Liability
House Account Other Current Asset Inventory Asset
House Account Adjustment Other Expense OtherMiscellaneousExpense Expense

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