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Manage item Mode is a feature that allows you to easily update and create new items directly on the point of sale.

Please note, you'll need to be logged in as a manager or owner to use this feature.


Adding New items

To create a new item through the POS:

  1. Log in to the POS using a manager or owner pin.
  2. From the Dashboard, tap Item Setup:

  3. If you want to put your new item into an existing category and subcategory, tap the corresponding category and subcategory buttons. If you want to create a new category or subcategory, refer to the following section.
  4. Next, tap the Add item button:

  5. From the left side, fill out the required fields, which are Item Name and Price. Then, fill out any other relevant details like Class, Cost, and Barcode. When you're done, tap Save.
  6. Repeat this process for any other items you want to add.

Adding New Category and Subcategories

If you want to create a brand new category or subcategory directly through the POS:

  1. From the Dashboard, tap Item Setup.
  2. To add a brand new category, swipe through your existing categories until you find the Add Category button:

  3. Tap this and enter the Category name. Add a description if you'd like, but this is not required. Then, tap Save.
  4. Next, create a new subcategory for your category. Tap the Add SubCat. button, enter the Subcategory name, a description if you'd like, and then tap Save.
  5. Add new items to your subcategory by following the process in the above section.

Updating an item

If you want to update the details for an existing item:

  1. From the Dashboard, tap Item Setup.
  2. Next, locate the item you want to edit and tap it.
  3. From the left side, find the fields you need to edit and make your changes. When you're done, tap Save.

Please remember to refresh the POS after you're done making additions and changes so your edits will reflect on other stations and in the Management Console.

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