Catering Overview

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If your business offers catering, you can use Revel’s catering feature to create orders that can be scheduled for a future delivery date. The Revel POS is able to keep track of past, present, and future delivery orders.


Creating a Catering Order and Applying to a House Account

Instead of using an invoice, you can set up a catering balance to be applied to a House Account. It is beneficial to use a House Account for catering because a customer or company with multiple orders, can be billed in one lump sum. To create a new catering order:

  1. On the Poing of Sale, start a new order. Tap the order number and choose Catering from the Dining Options window. Then tap OK:

  2. Select the day and time for the catering order and then tap Apply to Order:

  3. Next, you will be prompted to attach a customer to the catering order. You can either select a customer that is already in your customer database, or create a new customer. Tap on the customer's name, then select Add to Order.
  4. If the customer's address is outside of your set delivery range, a notification will appear on the POS. You can edit your delivery area in the Management Console ([yoursubdomain] under Settings > Advanced POS Settings > Delivery. On that page, you can set up your delivery range by postcode or GeojSON.
  5. Once a customer is attached to the order, tap Pay.
  6. From the payment screen, select Credit + and choose House Accounts.

Viewing a House Account Balance on the POS

You can view a customer's House Account balance on the POS at any time. To view a customer's balance:

  1. Tap the Customers icon at the top of the screen. Find the desired customer, and Tap Edit Info.

  2. Next, select the House Account button on the bottom left corner

  3. This screen will show the current House Account balance.

Paying a House Account Balance on the POS

On the House Account balance screen, you can make a partial payment or pay the outstanding balance in full. To make a payment:

  1. Navigate to a customer's house account profile.
  2. Enter the amount tendered and then choose the payment type. Tap Done to exit the screen:

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