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With Custom Menus, you can elect to limit what products are available at certain times, assign products to specific POS stations or modes, and still produce a cumulative sales report for all items sold. For example, you may only want to show retail products at one POS and consumables at another POS. Prior to creating a Custom Menu, please make sure that all products offered at your business have been entered into your system.


Creating Custom Menus

To create a custom menu:

  1. In the Management Console ([yoursubdomain], navigate to the Products tab, then select Custom Menus from the left.
  2. Here, click +Add Custom Menu and enter the menu’s name.
  3. For Application Type, you have multiple choices:
    • Time Slot Only: Restricts the menu to a specific time of day.
    • Manual: Allows you to choose your custom menu manually on the POS.
    • Mode: Used for online ordering, bar stations, kiosks, or digital menu boards.
    • POS Station: Sets the custom menu to a specific POS terminal.
  4. Make the appropriate selection and fill in any additional details under Mode or Station if applicable.
  5. Finally, click the Save icon:

Time Slots and Included Products

After you have created the base of the custom menu, the next step is to set up timeslots and choose the products. To do this:

  1. Click the details icon to begin customizing your new menu:

  2. Here, you can set the effective dates and times of the menu. Once these times are set, the custom menu will only be active during the specified time ranges:

  3. You can also select the products to include in this custom menu. Select entire categories, subcategories, or individual products. Once you’ve chosen the items for this custom menu, your last step will be to save your changes.:

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