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Percentage Discount

By Caresse


Percentage Discount are commonly used to discount specific items or the entire purchase.


How to Create a Percentage Discount

Knowing how to create a percentage discount is crucial to setting up your Point of Sale. The discount must first be set up in the Management Console.

    1. Begin by navigating to >Products > Discounts.
    2. Click Add Discount, and enter a discount name.
    3. From the Function drop-down menu, select Standard.
    4. Then click the drop-down area for Type and select Percent. For the Amount box, type the value of the discount.
    5. Next, under Qualification type, select whether this discount applies to the entire Order or just one Item.
    6. If your products are taxed after the discount is made, check the box for Taxed. Otherwise, the products will be taxed before the order is discounted.

    7. Then click Save.

Setting Qualifications and Parameters for a Percentage Discount

In Revel, you can set certain rules for a discount. You can also use product groups to have discounts apply only to a specific bundle of items.

    1. Fill in the Discount Name, Function, Type, Amount, and Qualification for this discount.
    2. For the drop-down for Type, select Group.
    3. Next, under Qualifying Data, type the name of the group you want this discount to apply to.This will only allow the items in this group to be discounted.
    4. If you want your discount to automatically apply, check Auto Apply.

    5. Then click Save.
    6. If you click the Pencil icon for discount details, you can even adjust other details such as Effective Dates and Times this discount may apply.

    7. Click Save if any adjustments are made.

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