Gift with Purchase Discount

By Caresse


One of the newest additions to Revel’s discount functionality is the Gift with Purchase discount. This feature gives you the option run promotions like spend $100, get an item free! This feature is compatible with Version 2.25+. 

Creating a Gift with Purchase Discount

The Gift with Purchase discount is a great tool for planning promotional events. 

  1. Begin by going to Management Console. Navigate to Products > Discounts.
  2. In the Discount Name box, enter the name of the discount.
  3. Next, select the Function drop down and click Gift with Purchase.
  4. For Type, select Percent. Then type 100 in the Amount box.
  5. Under Qualifying Data, select the product that is free with purchase.
  6. If the product will be taxed after this discount is made, check the Taxed box.

  7. Then click Save.
  8. Next, click the Pencil Icon located on the right side of the discount name.
  9. Under Basic Discount Rules, find the Minimum Amount box. This amount is the required amount of money a customer needs to spend before receiving the free item.  

  10. Under Effective Dates/Time adjust the period of time for for when this purchase discount is active.
  11. Lastly, click Save.   

 Using the Gift with Purchase Discount 

  1. On the Point of Sale, add the customers items to the order screen. Make sure the order meets the qualifying amount. 

  2. After tapping Pay, you will be prompted with the qualifying gift. Select the desired item, then tap Add to Order.

  3. Proceed with the checkout screen.

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