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Before performing a test transaction, we recommend you enable Training Mode on your Point of Sale. This mode allows you to teach your employees how to use the system, without actually affecting your sales and reports. On the Point of Sale, go to Settings > Manager > POS settings. Turn on Enable Test Mode, then tap Done.

Note: When you are ready to start conducting actual, please be sure to disable Training Mode. This is found under Manager > Settings > POS Settings > Enable Test Mode.

How to Complete an Order

  1. On the Point of Sale, begin by selecting a Table or Bar tab.

  2. Next, add an item to order screen. You can add items by tapping on the items button or using the search box to find the item by Name, Barcode, SKU, or Alternate Lookup ID.

  3. If keeping track of customer history, select the Customers tab and add the customer name. If you don’t want to track customer history, but want to add a quick name to the order, select the Plus Icon to enter a call name.

  4. Notice the Order Number listed at the top of the page. This number is unique for each individual transaction and cannot be reset.

  5. To edit a specific item on the order, tap on the item name from the left side of the screen. The right side of the screen will display several action options:

    Setting Description
    Set quantity Allows you to increase the quantity of this item, that is added to the order screen
    Discount item Discount one item rather than the entire order
    Service Fee Adds an additional percentage fee or flat rate to the item
    Course Change the course number of the item
    Change Seat Assign this item to a different seat
    Share Notifies the kitchen that this item will be shared
    Split Notifies the kitchen that this item will be split
    Remove tax Removes the tax of this particular item
    Override price Price adjustments
    Copy Duplicate the item and modifier selections for this item
    Inventory lookup Find out how many inventory quantities you have for this specific item.
    Special Request A free field to type in notes from the customer

  6. If you are keeping track of dining methods, select the Dining Options icon on the bottom left.
  7. When your products are ready to be paid for, tap the Pay button and proceed with the Cash or Credit Transactions.

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