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It is advised to create Purchase Orders in Revel. When purchase orders are created in Revel, they will push to QuickBooks Desktop the next day only once they are closed and received through Revel.

To create vendors and POs in Revel, view these guides: Adding Vendors and Creating Purchase Orders.


Purchase Orders in QBDT

To view Purchase Orders in your Revel Management Console ([yoursubdomain], go to the Inventory tab and then the Purchase Orders sub-tab. Click the shipping box icon to the far right of a purchase order to receive the PO:

Once a purchase order has been received and finalized in Revel, the details of the PO will push to QBDT the next day by creating a Bill.

Please Note: Purchase orders will only be pushed as a Bill to QBDT when created for products. Bills will not be created in QBDT for ingredient-level purchase orders at this time.

Vendors in QBDT

Please make sure all Vendors are created in Revel and all vendor edits take place in Revel.

The PO that pushes from Revel to QuickBooks Desktop will attach the vendor name and vendor details to the Bill that comes over to QBDT when the PO is received through Revel.

Please Note: Vendors will only push from Quickbooks Desktop to Revel during the initial sync. If vendors are created after the initial sync, please add them to Revel first. They will then sync to QBDT. If they are added to QBDT first, they will not sync to Revel.

Workflow for Revel

Workflow for Revel: Create purchase order> send the purchase order to vendor> vendor delivers the product> receive inventory in Revel. The next day, QuickBooks will receive a Bill with the delivered products. To see the Bill in QBDT, go to Transactions> Expenses> Bill.

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