How to Use Product Setup on the Point of Sale

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Product Setup is a feature that allows you to easily update and create new products directly on the Point of Sale.

NOTE: You'll need to be logged in as a Manager or Owner to use this feature.


Adding New Products

To create a new product through the Point of Sale:

  1. Log in to the Point of Sale as a Manager or Owner.
  2. From the Dashboard, tap Product Setup:

  3. There are two options for adding a new product to your menu:
    • If you want to put your new product into an existing category and subcategory, navigate through your menu to the appropriate category and subcategory:
    • If you want to create a new category or subcategory, refer to Adding a New Category or Subcategory section below.
  4. Next, tap the Add Product button and fill out the required Product Details on the left, including Product Name and Price. Input out any other information that you want to track, such as Class, Cost, and Barcode, etc. Press Save:

  5. Repeat this process for any other products you want to add.

Adding New Categories and Subcategories

If you want to create a brand new category or subcategory directly through the Point of Sale:

  1. Log in to the Point of Sale as a Manager or Owner.
  2. From the Dashboard, tap Product Setup.
  3. Swipe through your existing categories until you find the Add Category button. Select this and enter the new category information, including the name (required), as well as description and even an image for the icon, if you'd like:

  4. Save when finished.
  5. Next, create a new subcategory for your category. Tap the Add SubCat. button, enter the Subcategory name, a description if you'd like, and then tap Save.
  6. Add new products to your subcategory by following the process in Adding New Products.

Updating a Product Quantity

To update the details for an existing product:

  1. Log in to the Point of Sale as a Manager.
  2. From the Dashboard, choose Product Setup.
  3. Locate the product you want to update. Edit any necessary details on the left, then scroll to the bottom for the Inventory section. If the inventory section does not appear, be sure to check the Track in Inventory option:
  4. Here, you can update whether a product is in stock.
    • Tap In Stock to mark an item as in stock.
    • Tap Set Stock to enter an item's stock quantity. Enter the amount available and tap OK.
    • Tap Out of Stock to mark an item as out of stock.
  5. You can also update quantities for Received, Actual and Wasted amounts, as well as the item's Updated Cost. 
    • Use Received if you have received a recent shipment.
    • Use Actual if your inventory quantities are incorrect based on actual inventory counts; this will override the existing inventory quantity.
    • Use Wasted if a product has been broken or expired to deduct from inventory numbers.
    • Use Update Cost if the cost has changed from your vendor.
  6. Tap Save when finished. 

Refresh the Point of Sale after making changes so your edits will save to other stations and in the Management Console.

If a set stock is inputted, each time the product is rung up, the number rung up will be subtracted from the available stock. A small number in the upper lefthand corner will indicate the remaining amount.

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