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The Point of Sale is where you’ll be processing all your transactions. It has multiple features and a variety of robust functionality.


Before Logging in to Your POS

When you make product, inventory, or settings changes, it is important to know how to update your Point of Sale to reflect those changes.

  1. If you already logged in to the Point of Sale, click the Gear Icon to open Settings > Menu, then select Log out.
  2. On the home screen, tap the Refresh button to sync any Management Console changes.
  3. Then use your Pin to log in to the Point of Sale.
  4. When logged in, you will see your order screen and products.


Tables, Bar Tabs, and More

After logging into the order screen, you will see a list of table settings on the top of the page. To get to an order screen:

    1. Depending on the customer’s dining preference, select a Table, Bar Tab, or New Order.
    2. It will bring you to a fresh order screen where Category, Subcategory, and Item Name is listed on the right side.
    3. Follow this guide to see How to complete an Order.
Setting Description
Tables - Displays all tables set up in the management console.
- By tapping a table, it will direct you an empty order screen
Bar Tabs - Displays a list of all your bar tabs.
- Selecting a bar tab will open an order screen, where you can add items and preauthorize a credit card
Waitlist - This option will allow you to add a new party to the waitlist
- You can specify the party size, quoted wait time, and customer information

Reservations - If this setting is enabled in the Management Console, this feature will allow you to set one reservation for every 15 minute increment
New Order - This will allow you to open an order without assigning a table or specific bar tab number.
- Most commonly used for delivery or to-go orders

Manager Settings

To view these settings, you must be logged in with an owner or manager Pin.

      1. Begin by selecting the gear icon for settings on the top left corner.
      2. Next, tap in the Manager tab to see the complete list of settings.

The chart below gives you a further explanation of manager settings:

Setting Description
Financials - The Sales Report is a cohesive summary of the payments taken on the Point of Sale.
- If you tap print for the sales report, a screen will appear prompting you to select the date range and employees.
- Turn on Local Data on the very bottom, then select generate.
Time Management -This screen will show a log of exactly what time an employee clocked in and clocked out of the system.
End of Day Process - The End-of-Day Process is a wizard that prompts you (or your employees) to make sure you/they complete all the steps before closing for the night.
Declined - Keeps track of all declined credit card payments.
Payments - If you tap Force, the payments will try to send again.
- If the payments comes back as declined, you will have to ask your customer for another form of payment.
Offline Payments - Offline payments displays a log of every transition taken while offline. If you lose internet connection throughout the day, you will still be able to take credit card transactions. When your network connection restores, you will come to this log and force the credit card payments to send again.
Batch Process - If your establishment accepts tips, you will need to complete a batch at the end of every night.
- On this screen, you can match the transaction with the tip written on your credit card receipts.
- The white line allows you to enter the tip amount.
POS Settings - POS Settings allows you to adjust basic point-of-sale settings.
- To enable Test Mode, go to the bottom of the page and tap enable test mode.
- Any sales made on the POS in Test Mode will not show up on your reports. Make sure to always enable Test Mode when you are creating any mock orders for training purposes or otherwise.
Manage Item Mode - This setting will allow you to update an existing product/item or create a new product or item from the Point of Sale.
Inventory Settings - These options let you adjust your ingredient or product inventories. Similar to the Management Console, you can enter the name of your item, and receive, set actual, reset cost, or send an item to waste.

Logging In vs. Clocking In

Logging in gives you the ability to use the iPad; clocking in will start an employee’s shift. Keep in mind, the Clock-in feature allows multiple people to be clocked in at once, whereas logging in only allows one Pin to be signed in to the system at a time.

Clocking In

  1. If you are on the home screen, enter the Pin and then select Time Clock.
  2. You should get a message saying Clock In Employee. Then tap Yes.
  3. If you are already signed in to the Point of Sale, tap the gear icon for settings, and select the Clock In/Clock Out feature.
  4. Enter the employee Pin. Then tap Ok and select Clock In.

  5. To clock in another employee, repeat the steps above.

Logging In

    On the home screen, enter the employee Pin
  1. Then select Log in.

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