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The iPad Point of Sale is where all orders are created and fulfilled. The Point of Sale can also be used to generate reports, track inventory, and run End of Day processes.


Before Logging In

When you make changes on the Management Console ([yoursubdomain] the Point of Sale needs to be updated.

  1. Make sure you're logged out of the Point of Sale. To log out, find your name in the upper right-hand corner of the screen and tap the icon to its right:
  2. Tap Refresh:
  3. Once the refresh is done, enter your PIN on the keypad and tap Login.

Clocking In

What's the difference between logging in and clocking in?

  1. On the Point of Sale dashboard, tap Time Clock:
  2. Enter your PIN and tap OK:
  3. Tap Yes to confirm:

To clock out, follow the same steps. Depending on how your establishment handles tips, you may need to declare your tips in a pop-up window when you log out.

Creating a Table Service Order

You can start with a table, a bar tab, or the order itself.

  1. On the Point of Sale dashboard, tap Tables to open the Table and Bar Tab window.
  2. You have three options for creating an order.
    • To create an order by selecting a table, choose a table and tap it. The order will be automatically assigned to that table.
    • To create an order and start a bar tab, select Bar Tabs on the toggle button at the top of the screen and tap on a new bar tab:
    • To create an order without a table or bar tab, tap New Order on the upper right:

Adding Products to an Order

Note:The steps below may vary slightly depending on the settings implemented in the Mangement Console. You may or may not be required to cho

  1. Tap on a Category.
  2. Tap on a Subcategory.
  3. Tap on a Product to add it to the order.
  4. If your establishment uses seat and course functions:
    1. Choose a seat in the first pop-up window.
    2. Choose a course in the second pop-up window.
  5. Tap Send to send the order to the Kitchen. (Learn about the Kitchen Display Screen here.)

Completing a Table Service order

  1. Tap Pay.
  2. Enter the payment amount on the keypad.
  3. Tap on the payment method. In this case, we're using cash. To learn how to run a credit transaction, read Running a Credit Transaction.

If applicable, a Change Due total will pop up.

Employee Time Management

Employees with Employee Time Management permission can view their own hours from the Point of Sale. To view hours:

  1. Tap Time Management on the dashboard:
  2. The Time Management window shows an employee’s clock in and clock out history. It also allows them to clock out directly from this screen:

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