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RevelGuard allows Revel Support to see the overall connectivity of your system. If you have RevelGuard, it is imperative to configure Time Tables, since we’ll be able to proactively get in touch if your equipment is down during business hours.


Configuring Time Tables

Time Tables reflect your active business hours. Every 20 minutes, RevelGuard scans all devices on your Revel network and checks to make sure they are all reachable. If a device is detected as having an issue AND it falls within the hours set in Time Tables, a support ticket will be created automatically. To set up Time Tables:

  1. In your Management Console ([yoursubdomain], go to the Settings tab.
  2. Basic POS Settings should be selected by default in the left-side menu. If it is not, click the box next to Basic POS Settings.
  3. On the right side, click the Time Tables link:

  4. Click +Add a Timetable to enter your daily business hours. If you are open the same hours each day, click All. Enter the time you open in the first box and the time you close in the second box. If your hours are different depending on the day, click each day individually and enter your opening and closing times per day.
  5. After filling out your daily hours, enter your Start Date and End Date. These fields are required. It is recommended to enter your start date as Jan 1 and your end date as Dec 31, unless your business is seasonal and you open and close on specific dates.
  6. To save your Time Table, click Save in the top right corner:

Configuring Holidays

If your business is closed for any holidays or days in the year, you can enter them in the Time Table section to indicate to Support that you are not available those days. To add a holiday:

  1. In your Management Console, under the Time Table section, click +Add a Holiday.
  2. Enter the Holiday Name and the day you will be closed.
  3. Click +Add a Holiday to enter the next Holiday Name and date if you have multiple holidays to enter. Repeat this process until all holidays are entered.
  4. Click Save in the upper right side to save your changes:

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