Creating a Happy Hour Discount

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In addition to creating standard discounts with Revel, you can also create specific discounts like Happy Hour Discounts.


Creating a Happy Hour Discount- Basic Setup

To create a Happy Hour discount:

  1. In the Management Console, navigate to the Products tab and click Discounts from the left side.
  2. Click the grey + Add New Discount text. Fill out the Discount Name and leave the Function as Standard.
  3. Your Type will be dependent on your Happy Hour discount:
    • Choose Amount if you give a whole dollar amount off during Happy Hour, such as $2 off speciality cocktails. 
    • Choose Percent if you give a percentage off, such as 10% off house wine.
    • Choose Reprice if you reprice specific items to the same dollar amount, such as all domestic beers offered for $3. 
    • Choose Alt Price if your Happy Hour items are repriced to various amounts. The alternative price must be set per each item in the Advanced Product Details.
  4. Fill out the Amount of the Happy Hour discount depending on your chosen Type.
  5. For the Qualification Type: 
    • Select All if this discount can be applied at the product level or the order level.
    • Select Item if this discount can only be applied to products.
    • Select Order if the discount can only be applied to an entire order.
  6. If you chose Item or Order, select whether this discount is based on a Class, Group, Modifier Class, Modifier, or Product. Once selected, you can then choose which specific class, group, modifier, modifier class, or product the discount is based on. For example, if you offer all domestic beers for $3 during Happy Hour, you would first create a product group that contains all domestic beers and then choose the group in your discount.
  7. Check the Auto Apply box if you want the Happy Hour discount to apply automatically if the criteria is met.
  8. If you chose Order as the Qualification Type, check the Item Level box if you would like the discount amount to apply to every item on the order as opposed to the entire order subtotal.
  9. Check the Taxed box if your Happy Hour discount should be taxed.
  10. Once all standard settings are in place, click the floppy disk icon in the top right corner to ensure your discount is created and saved:

Creating a Happy Hour Discount- Effective Days & Times

Once you have enabled the basic details for your Happy Hour discount, the next step is to enable the advanced details such as setting up the days and times of your discount. To do this:

  1. In the Discounts page, click the pencil icon to the far right of your Happy Hour discount.
  2. In the discount details, scroll down to the Basic Discount Rules section. Click the blue Edit Effective Dates/ Times text. Here you can select the days of the week the Happy Hour is effective as well as the times of the day. If the Happy Hour is not offered on certain days, do not check those days. If your Happy Hour is only available for a specific date range, set that range using the Start Date and End Date fields:

  3. Enable any other advanced details, such as Maximum Off or Apply to Base Product Only, if needed. Click Save in the top right corner to save your changes.

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