House Account Summary Report

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The House Account Summary report keeps track of all current House Account balances, payments, and adjustments. You can also send customers House Account invoices and make adjustments directly through this report.


House Account Summary Report Tour

The various components of the House Account Summary report are:

  • Filters button: Click this to choose Customer Group settings:

  • ... Icon: Click this to export your report in various formats:

  • Customer: The customer attached to the house account.
  • Opening: The opening amount of the house account.
  • Charges: The charges applied to the house account.
  • Payments: The payments applied to the house account charges.
  • Adj.: The amount of the adjustments made to the house account balance.
  • Closing: The closing balance of the house account.
  • Show Details:
    • Order #: The unique order # where the house account charges were applied.
    • Order Payment: The amount of the payment made to the order.
    • HA Payment: The amount of the payment made to the order through the house account.
    • Show Details:
      • Item Name: The names of the items in the order.
      • Quantity: The quantity of the items in the order:

House Account Summary Action Icons

You can use the following icons to perform various actions directly through the House Account Summary report:

  • Pencil Icon: Click this to make adjustments to the current house account balance and the add remarks:

  • Credit Card Icon: Click this to add proof of payments made to the house account balance. You can apply cash, credit, or check payments. You can also add remarks:

  • Envelope Icon: Click this to email the house account invoice to the customer:

  • Export Icon: Click this to export this specific house account invoice to an external program:

  • Email Statements checkbox: Check this box next to all customers to which you want to email statements. After you check a box, an Email Statements button will appear. Click this to send the statements:

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