Services Performed Report

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The Services Performed report keeps track of all services sold. A service is a product that has been marked as a service under its product details.


Services Performed Report Tour

The various components of the Services Performed report are:

  1. By Service Drop-Down: Use this drop-down menu to view your report By Service or By Employee.
  2. Date Range Drop-Down: Use this drop-down menu to view your report by a specific date range. You can choose today, yesterday, this month, this week, last month, last week, or choose a custom range.
  3. Inclusions Settings: Check the various boxes to include or exclude discounts, open orders, unpaid orders, and irregular orders.
  4. Service: The service performed.
  5. Employee: The employee who performed the service.
  6. Order ID: The unique order ID of the service.
  7. Date: The date and time the service was performed.
  8. QTY: The quantity of the service sold.
  9. Sales Total: The total sales for the sold service.
  10. Tips: Any tips included in the service sale.
  11. Commission: Any commission earned by the employee for the performed service:

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