Inventory Management on iPad Feature for Retail

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Inventory Management on the Revel Point of Sale allows you to make changes to your inventory without having to log in to the Management Console ([yoursubdomain] Also within the Inventory Management feature, you can view and receive Purchase Orders.


Inventory Management

To access Inventory Management on the POS:

  1. Once logged in, tap Inventory from the Dashboard:

  2. To locate a specific product, search for the item in the Name or Barcode field and tap Submit.
  3. If no match is found, a window will display potential matches.
  4. Once you find the product you're looking for, you can manage the inventory by using the action icons that appear. The icons are:
    • Cost: Updates the cost of the product. This is the amount you paid for the product, not the amount charged to the customer.
    • Price: Updates the price of the product. This is the amount charged to the customer when sold.
    • Receive: Select this to add new stock to the existing inventory. Add the quantity, choose the unit, input the cost/unit, and any remarks.
    • Actual: Updates the true quantity on-hand.
    • Waste: Removes existing inventory by the amount entered.
  5. When done, tap Dismiss at the bottom right to close the window:

Purchase Orders

Within the Inventory Management screen, you can accept and confirm delivered purchase orders. The purchase order must be generated in the Management Console, but can be received directly on the POS. To receive a purchase order:

  1. From the Dashboard, tap Inventory.
  2. In the top right corner of the Inventory window, tap POs.
  3. Here, you can search for a purchase order by a Product in the PO or by the PO ID#, which you can find in the Purchase Order tab in the Management Console.
  4. After you've typed in your product or PO ID#, tap Submit:

  5. The PO window will display all products in the purchase order. If you are receiving a partial order, edit the Quantity field. You can also edit the Cost field if needed.
  6. If your vendor provided you with a Vendor Invoice # enter it in the top right corner:

  7. Once done editing the PO, tap Submit in the bottom right corner. The quantity will then be added to the product's inventory quantity:

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