How to Void, Comp, Refund, or Exchange Items

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Voiding an Item/ Order

If you'd like to remove an item from an unpaid order, but the item has already been saved to the order (by holding the order), you will need to process a void. To do so:

  1. Open the order.
  2. From the left side, double tap the name of the item. Then, tap Remove Item from the overlay window:

  3. In the Void Item(s) window, enter the reason for the void and then tap OK:

  4. Choose whether or not to return the item to inventory. If the item can be resold, it is usually returned to inventory:

  5. To close out the order, tap Pay, then Done.

Comping an Item/ Order

If you'd like to process a comp, meaning to clear an item from an order that has already been processed, follow the below steps:

  1. From the Dashboard, tap Orders:

  2. Enter the Order ID, Customer, or tap an order to reopen it. Please note, comps can only be processed for items/ orders that are already sent or closed.
  3. In the order screen, tap the elipsis icon and then tap Comps:

  4. Select the item(s) that need to be comped and tap Next:

  5. Enter the reason for the comp and tap OK:

  6. Tap Refund if you are giving the customer the money back for the item or No, Thanks if there is no refund.
  7. Tap < in the top left corner to return to the Dashboard.

Refunding an Item

Refunding an item will allow you to return the item to inventory as well as issue a refund of payment to your customer. To process a refund:

  1. From the Dashboard, tap Return:

  2. If the customer has their receipt, type the Order # or scan the barcode at the bottom of the receipt and tap Submit:

  3. Once in the order, tap the ... icon. From the overlay window tap Return Item(s):

  4. Next, tap the item or items to be returned. If necessary, adjust the return quantity. If the item needs to be returned to inventory, leave to oval blue. If it cannot be returned to inventory, tap the oval. Then, tap Next:

  5. In the Return Item(s) window, enter the reason for the return and tap OK:

  6. Tap Refund to confirm. If the customer is not getting refunded, tap No Thanks:

  7. If you are using the Moneris payment gateway and processing a refund, swipe the customer's credit card to process the refund. This is required only for Moneris.

Processing a Receiptless Return or Exchange

If you want to process a return, but the customer does not have a receipt or if you want to process an exchange:

  1. From the Dashboard, tap Return.
  2. Then, tap No Receipt.
  3. In the Receiptless Return window, enter the product name, barcode, or physically locate the item and tap it. Then, adjust the return amount, quantity, and inventory option if needed and tap Return:

  4. Next, enter a reason for the return. Then, tap OK:
  5. You will be taken to a new order where the amount of the return shows as a negative balance. Add a new product to the order if this is an exchange. If this is just a return, tap Pay:

  6. In the Checkout screen, tap the tender type that you're giving back to the customer. For instance, if you are giving them cash back for the return amount, tap Cash.
  7. Confirm the amount of the refund:

  8. You will then be prompted to give the customer X amount cash back or to swipe their credit card if you have enabled card-present refunds:

  9. Tap Done in the Checkout screen to close the order.

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