Sending the Database

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Before sending your database, there are two important items to note: 

  • Your POS station will be unavailable until the data is completely sent. Please note that this action should only be done outside of normal business hours.
  • Depending on the size of your establishment, this process can take anywhere between 5 minutes and several hours. 

When you send your database, Revel receives a copy of your unsyncned data history. There are two ways to send a copy of your database: 

  1. Begin by navigating the login screen. Then enter 911912 and tap Login. This will automatically send the database and create a support ticket. You can also enter 911911 but this will require an email account to be configured on the iPAD in order to send the database.

  2. The second method is to send your database is through the Revel Backup App. The Backup app is designed to store all transaction history, even if the Point of Sale app crashes or is deleted. You will need to have the backup app installed before the need to send the database. To send the database, double tap the middle section of the backup. Enter 911912 and tap OK.

    If there is a default email address set up in the Management Console Settings, it may affect the database being sent. When an error appears, remove the default email address in the Management Console> Settings> Default Email address, and refresh the Point of Sale. 

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