2.31 Cheat Sheet

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While you'll find a complete list of changes in our 2.31 Release Notes, we took the liberty of preparing this before-and-after "cheat sheet" to prep you for some major UI changes in the new version.

And as always, don't hesitate to get in touch at support@revelsystems.com if you need extra assistance!

Your Revel Management Console will update automatically to the latest version. No action required!

You'll need to download the 2.31 Revel Point of Sale app from the App Store. Click here for upgrade instructions!


New Point of Sale Landing Page

As part of Revel’s 2.31 release, we redesigned a new dashboard screen for the POS interface:


After logging in to the application, you will see the dashboard, which provides a graphic breakdown of product sales, operations, features, and actions of the POS. This screen is where you will be updating inventory, time cards, and POS settings.

To start making transactions, tap New Order. This will bring you to the conventional orders screen where you can start processing sales. If you would like to view your sales data or POS settings, navigate back to the dashboard screen by tapping the arrow found in the upper left corner.

UI Redesign - Point of Sale App

Main Orders page

Before (2.25) After (2.31)
orders_w_product.png order_w_product_pos.png

New Drop-Down: Main Order Screen Actions

Before (2.25) After (2.31)
N/A (new feature) orders_actions_drop_down.png

Orders overlay menu

Before (2.25) After (2.31)
orders_overlay_pos.png orders_overlay_all_features.png

Payments screen

Before (2.25) After (2.31)
payments_screen_pos.png payment_screen_pos.png

Manage Customers / Customer Overlay Windows

Manage Customers Window (2.25) Customer Overlay Window (2.31)


UI Redesign - Management Console

Sales Summary Report: Liabilities Section

Before (2.25) After (2.31)

Operations Report: Payments & Liabilities

Before (2.25) After (2.31)

Note: The redesigned Sales Summary Report affects the Liabilities and Payments sections in the Operations Report. Revel has now moved Applied Deposits, House Account Payments, and Gift/Store Credit Payments out of the Payment section of the Operations Report and placed them into the Liabilities table.

Receiptless Return Settings

Before (2.25) After (2.31)

Employees Tab: Main Page

Before (2.25) After (2.31)




Products Tab: Main Page

Before (2.25) After (2.31)



Quick Create Product Page

Before (2.25) After (2.31)
products_quick_create_parent.png product_wizard_product_create.png

New Management Console Wizards

2.31 features new setup wizards to make it easy to add employees, products, taxes, and more. Below is a glimpse of these new wizards:

Employees Wizard

Add Employee Wizard Page:


Employee, Permissions, Access Page:


Taxes Wizard

The main Tax Groups page in versions older than 2.31 looked like this:


In 2.31, the page was split into a wizard:

Taxes, Wizard, Prevailing Tax Rate, 2.31:


Taxes, Advanced Tax Settings, 2.31:


Redesigned Refund Flow

In 2.31, Revel introduced card-present refunds and cash-backs and entirely redesigned its refund flows in cases where there is a negative balance due.

To support this, Revel added the "Enable card-present refunds" and "Enable Cash-Backs" settings to the Settings / Payments page:


Multiple Price Tiers

Revel added a Price Tiers tab to the left-hand bar on the Products page. On the Price Tiers page, merchants can set up different prices for different promotions. Price Tiers can be useful when offering promotions that have different alternate prices; for example, Happy Hour on Thursdays; Special event prices on Labor Day weekend.

Price Tier:


Price Tier on the POS:


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