Version 2.31 Feature Highlights

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New Features: Management Console

Your Revel Management Console will update automatically to the latest version. No action required! 

  • Cut down on inventory receiving and sales time with new Barcode Management options
  • Improve your till management controls with End of Shift Process functionality that enables reconciliation by cashiers at the end of each shift
  • Set up Employees, Taxes, Products, Receipt Configuration, and more quickly and easily with new Guided Wizards in the Management Console
  • Meet the various needs of your customers and your business with new Multiple Price Tiers that provide a smooth approach for alternate pricing such as Happy Hours, VIP Club members, Resellers, and more
  • Apply multiple discounts to an item or an order with new Stackable Discounts
  • Easily let your customers leave Change as Tip with new settings to apply excess payment as tip for both credit and cash purchases
  • Place a large volume of orders across multiple sites with quantity specifications per location with Mass Purchase Orders (EMS users)

Enhancements: Management Console

  • Track specific preset discount types—even when the amount changes over time (e.g. Friends and Family discount)—with new Variable Discounts
  • Enhance your Inventory Management with new Actions usability and Reorder layout making controlling product easier and more efficient
  • Find the valuable business information you rely on more easily with redesigned reports, including Sales Summary, Product Mix, Adjustments, Discounts, House Account Summary, Product Inventory Log, Establishment Payments, and more
  • Get better insight into Liabilities with activity clarification on House Accounts, Gift Cards, Store Credit, and Deposits
  • Further improvements to the tools that help you manage House Accounts
  • Deliver exceptional customer service with enhanced Refunds options that allow card-present refunds and cash back, even in the event of a receiptless return
  • Easily increase quantities for modest overproduction, reducing the risk of running out of products with enhancements to Forecasting
  • Track Foreign Currency more accurately with additional reporting in the Cash Office report

New Features: Point of Sale

You'll need to download the 2.31 Revel Point of Sale app from the App Store – coming soon! (Click here for upgrade instructions once it's available.) 

  • Navigate through the POS app quicker and easier with Layout Improvements to align even more closely to the familiarity of Apple’s core form and functionality. To help users navigate around the new layout, we’ve created a Cheat Sheet with side by side comparisons from our last update (v2.25) to our newest (v2.31). Click here to access!
  • Get a snapshot of the day’s progress including Product Mix, Sales Summary, Hourly Sales, and Labor right from the POS Dashboard
  • Save time accessing key processes via POS Dashboard such as Gift Cards, Rewards Cards, and Store Credit, as wells as Past Orders, Returns, and more!

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