Requirements for Auto Capture

By Deric


For Auto Capture to work, the following settings and processes need to be enabled and followed:

  • ALL POS stations (iPads) need to be powered on and connected to WiFi/AEC. 
  • Push Notifications need to be enabled for the Revel POS app on ALL stations. This setting can be found on the iPad's Settings:
    1. Navigate to the Settings app on the iPad.
    2. Select "Notifications" on the menu on the left of the screen.
    3. Select the Revel POS app.
    4. Swipe the button to the right of "Allow Notifications" so that it is now green next to the button.
    5. Ensure that all notification types are enabled. by swiping the buttons to the right.
    6. Repeat steps 1-5 for EACH POS (iPad).
  • The POS stations must have the Revel POS app open and at least on the login screen of the app. Users are not required to be logged into the app.
  • The iPad's Setting "Auto Lock" needs to be set to "Never" on ALL stations. This setting can be found on the iPad's Settings: 
    1. Navigate to the Settings app on the iPad.
    2. Select "Display & Brightness" on the menu on the left of the screen.
    3. Select "Auto-Lock" and set it to "Never".
    4. Select "Display & Brightness" in Blue text at the top of the screen to save this settings change.
  • The POS stations can NOT be put to sleep before closing out at the end of the night. Pressing the power button (at the top of the iPad) once to turn the display black is actually putting the iPad to sleep. Putting the iPad to sleep temporarily disconnects the iPad from Wi-Fi/AEC while it is asleep. So if the iPad is asleep when the Auto Capture is triggered, then it will not run as the iPad will not be connected to Wi-Fi/AEC.
  • The POS stations need to be in direct line of sight with the access points. Storing the POS stations/Mobile Order takers in a cabinet, drawer, or back office may take the iPad outside of the direct line of sight from the APs. Thus, disconnecting the iPad from Wi-Fi.
  • If the iPad is not connected to Wi-Fi/AEC and/or temporarily drops Wi-Fi/AEC connectivity at the time Auto Capture triggers then the batch will NOT be ran.

*Please note that iPad's Settings vary between iOS builds.

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