Taxes Wizard

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Revel’s Tax Wizard is available to help you seamlessly enable your tax rate.

To use the tax wizard:

  1. Log into your Revel Management Console ([yoursubdomain]
  2. In the Overview tab, you'll see a section titled Finish setting up your account!.
  3. Hover over the Set Up Taxes section and click the Take Me There! button that appears.
  4. Next, click the Add Tax Rate button. Here, you are prompted to enter your prevailing tax rate. Your prevailing tax will be applied to all products unless they have been marked as tax excluded or have been assigned to a special tax group. A common prevailing tax rate is sales tax.
  5. Enter your rate in the box and then click Save. You will see your new rate displayed.
  6. Click Close to exit.
  7. You'll be returned to the Wizard main screen and can now see your tax wizard has been completed. You cannot access the tax wizard once you have completed the set up. However, you can always edit or add tax rates in the general Tax page under your Products tab.

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