Custom Menu for Online Ordering

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When using Revel’s Online Ordering feature, a custom menu must be created in order to show items available for online ordering. With custom menus, you can determine what and when items will be offered on your online menu.

Prior to creating a Custom Menu, please make sure that all products offered at your business have been entered into your system.


Creating a Custom Menu

To create a custom menu:

  1. In the Management Console ([yoursubdomain], navigate to the Products tab. Then, click Custom Menus from the left side.
  2. Next, click Add Custom Menu and enter a name.
  3. Then, from the Application Type drop-down, choose Mode. Then, from the Mode drop-down, choose Online.
  4. Finally, click the save icon:

Online Ordering Custom Menu Details

After you have created your custom menu for Online Ordering, the next step is to set the details, like the effective dates/ times and the included products. To do this:

  • Once the custom menu is saved, click the details icon to its right.
  • To set an available time and date range for your online menu, click Edit Effective Dates/ Time. Check all days and enter the times the online menu will be available. If you want to set a date range, enter the Start Date and End Date:

  • Next, select all categories, subcategories, and products that need to be included in your Online Ordering menu. Anything checked and highlighted in blue will be a part of the Online menu:

  • After your times are set and your products are selected, click Save.

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