Voucher Payments

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Revel supports a unique voucher payment type that can be configured with fixed payment values, as certain countries like Poland and Singapore offer predefined vouchers for lunches or malls.


Voucher Settings

To enable voucher settings:

  1. In the Management Console, navigate to the Settings tab.
  2. Click Clear Selections and type Voucher in the search bar.
  3. From the left sidebar, check Vouchers:

  4. On the right side, you will see the following voucher settings:
    • Enable Vouchers: Enables voucher payments on the Point of Sale. This is disabled by default.
    • Voucher Payments Must Be First Payment: When enabled, in cases of multiple payments types, this setting requires that the voucher must be the first payment taken by the POS before others. This is enabled by default.
    • Vouchers- Name: The name of the voucher that will appear on the POS, receipts and reports.
    • Vouchers- Denominations: Defines the denomination values that the voucher comes in, separated by commas.
    • Vouchers- Open Value: Enables the support for vouchers of any denomination. This is disabled by default.
    • Vouchers- Business Keeps Overage: If checked, when the amount of the voucher exceeds the value of balance due, the business keeps the overage amount, instead of returning change to the customer. This primarily affects how the voucher is displayed on reporting. This is enabled by default.
    • Vouchers- Overage Label: Defines the label that will be displayed on receipts if the voucher amount exceeds the amount due, when the business does not keep the overage.
    • Vouchers- Limit Subsequent Payment Types: Drop-down menu- defines which other payment types can be used with the voucher.
    • Vouchers- Capture ID: Enables the capture of a transaction ID with each voucher. This is enabled by default.
    • Limit to Product Groups: Limit the products to which a voucher may be applied. Select whether the attached product group(s) are a blacklist (the voucher cannot be applied to these product(s) or a whitelist (the voucher may be applied only to these products).
    • Product Groups: Input the black or white list product groups.
    • Vouchers- Active: If checked, the corresponding voucher is considered active and will be supported on the POS. This is enabled by default.
  5. Once vouchers have been enabled in the Management Console, a new Voucher payment button will be selectable on the POS. If the Voucher Payments Must Be First Payment option is enabled, then this button will only be active is there are no other non-refundable payment on the order:

Redeeming Vouchers on the POS

To redeem vouchers on the POS:

  1. Create an order like normal . When the customer is ready to checkout, tap the Pay button.
  2. In the Payment screen, you will see the Voucher button listed with the other payment methods.
  3. Tapping the Voucher button will bring up a list of Named Vouchers. Selecting a named voucher will, in turn, bring a list of denominations:

  4. After the denomination is selected or entered, a screen will appear to input the voucher ID:

  5. If the voucher limits subsequent payments, those payment types will be greyed out after accepting the voucher, unless the voucher is refunded.
  6. On printed receipts, the voucher payment is labeled as DenominationVoucherName Voucher:

Voucher Reports- Management Console

In the Management Console, when vouchers are enabled, Voucher sections will be displayed in the Sales Summary, Operations, and Payment Summary Reports. Voucher information will display as followed:

Sales Summary Report: Voucher payments will be listed under the Payments section: 

Operations Report: Voucher payments will have their own line in the Payments section:

Payment Summary Report: Voucher Payments will have their own line:

On all three reports, the Vouchers line will be hyper-linked to a new Vouchers Details Report, which gives detailed views for each configured voucher type that was accepted as a payment. The report can be filtered by date and exported or printed:

Voucher Reports- POS

On the POS, voucher details can be selected to be included in the Employee Sales Summary Report print outs from two locations: from the Sales Summary option in the main Settings drop-down menu:

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