How to force logout a user from the Management Console

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If you get a request from a customer to force someone who is logged into the Management Console to sign out, there is a backend feature to do this.  This is useful for scenarios where employee was terminated but there login session is still active on a computer/device and allowing them to compromise the system.



  1. To enable this feature, please first advise client that anyone that is logged into the Management Console will have to log back in after we perform this step.  It will knock all users off that are in "idle" status; meaning if they are logged in and not doing anything, they are considered an "idle" user.  This includes any Revel Employees logged into the Management Console as well.


  1. Click on Settings and either search for the option or manually find it.  It is located in Settings > Security Settings > Enable Management Console Auto-Logout
    1. Screen_Shot_2017-10-19_at_3.09.40_PM.png
  2. Once you enable the check box, please set the option "Log users out after X minutes" to a value of "1".
    1. Leave the option "Warn users about logout after X minutes" blank with no value.
  3. Save the changes to the Management Console and start a timer for 90 seconds.
  4. After 90 seconds, you will need to log back into the backend yourself just like normal.
  5. Disable the option in Settings > Security Settings > Enable Management Console Auto-Logout then Save.

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