Setting Up Gift Cards

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Gift Cards are the building block to growing you business. To begin, you’ll need to create a gift card item in the Products tab.

Creating a Gift Card Item on the Management Console

  1. Begin on the Products tab. Click Add Product and create a Gift Card item. You can assign a price, or leave it at zero. Then click Save.

  2. Click on the Product Details.

  3. Under Class, click the dropdown and select Gift. Setting a Gift class will enable gift card reporting for your business.

  4. Click Save when completed.

Using Gift Cards on the Point of Sale

  1. Before logging in, refresh your point of Sale.

  2. On the Order screen, find the gift item.
  3. If the gift card was created as an open ended item, meaning the price was left at 0.00, the system will prompt you to input the amount to be loaded onto the card.

  4. Once the card is added to the order tap Pay and select the method of payment.
  5. Once the balance due reaches zero, the system will prompt you to create or add value to an existing Gift Card with the selected amount.

  6. Swipe the Gift Card or manually enter the number on the gift card or certificate. Then tap Next.

  7. Once the Gift Card has been created, you can dismiss and tap done, or link a customer to the gift card by clicking add customer.

Using Gift Cards on the Point of Sale

When it’s time to pay, select Gift Card as the Payment type. The system will prompt you to swipe a card or manually enter a card number. Once the system authorizes the card a pop up window will appear with the message Payment successful.

  1. On the order screen, tap Pay.
  2. Under the payments tab, select Gift Card.Then swipe or enter the Gift Card number.

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