How to Close Multiple Held Orders at Once

By Katie | Updated


At the end of the day, it is good practice to close all Held Orders on your Point of Sale to ensure they do not carry over to the next day. This will also prevent any inaccurate data on your reporting.

Quick service restaurants offer an easy way to close held orders on the point of sale. To close all held orders at one time:

  1. Log in to the Point of Sale as a Manager and navigate to a new order.
  2. Select the Orders icon at the top, then choose the ... icon for more options:1.jpg
  3. Select Manage Orders:
  4. Then, choose Close Open Orders3.jpgDepending on your account settings, you may be prompted for a security PIN to complete the deletion. If so, enter your PIN and all held orders will be deleted.

NOTE: This will close ALL held orders. Only do this if all held orders have a zero balance. Closing out a held order that has not been paid for will erase the items within the order.

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