Loyalty Setup: Reward Points by Purchase Amount

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With Points by Purchase Amount, a customer receives points based on the total dollar amount of the their purchase.


Creating A Loyalty Discount for Points by Purchase Amount

After your Loyalty Standard has been activated by Revel, the next step is to create your reward discounts. To create a reward discount:

  1. In the Management Console, click the Products tab. From the left menu, click the Discounts section.
  2. Click +Add New Discount in the top right corner.
  3. First, enter the Discount Name.
  4. Next, click the drop-down under Function and select Loyalty.
  5. Then, by default, the Rewards Type will set to Purchases.
  6. Next, select the Discount Type from the drop-down. Selections include:
    • Amount: The item or order is discounted by a constant value
    • Percent: The item or order is discounted by a percentage
    • Re-Price: A new price is applied to the item
    • Alt-Price: The alternative price is used. This is configured in the item's Details page.
  7. Then, fill out  the Discount Amount field.
  8. Next, input the Reward Points Needed for Redemption.
  9. Finally, click Save in the top right corner.

Creating a Customer Rewards Profile on the iPad Point of Sale

Before a customer can start earning rewards points, you must first create a rewards profile for the customer. To do this:

  1. On the point of sale, tap Reward Cards from the Dashboard.
  2. If you are using plastic rewards cards, swipe a new rewards card on your credit card swipe.
  3. If you don’t use actual physical cards to track rewards, enter a new and unique rewards “card” number such as the customer's phone number.
  4. A notification will appear stating “No Rewards Card found in system. Do you want to create this reward card?” Tap Create.
  5. Once the rewards card has been created, a window will appear with the Rewards Card info. Tap Add Customer to attach the card to a customer. Locate and tap a customer from your customer list, then tap Link.
  6. Tap Dismiss to exit.

Earning Rewards Points 

Once a customer has a rewards profile, they can earn points every time they come into your establishment. For a customer to earn points:

  1. On the POS, create a new order and add products as usual.
  2. Tap the Customers button and then locate and tap the customer’s name.
  3. When the customer is ready to checkout, tap the Pay button.
  4. After the order is paid in full, a Reward Points Balance window will appear showing the customer’s Total Visit Rewards.
  5. If the customer has earned enough points for a reward, a Redeem Points window will appear stating “Customer has earned enough points for a reward. Redeem now?” Tap Redeem Rewards if customer would like to redeem points at that time.
  6. A Rewards Available window will appear listing all eligible reward discounts. Select the reward discount to use and tap Apply. The reward discount will apply based on your discount details setup through the Management Console.
  7. Tap Cancel if the customer does not want to redeem points at that time.

Once payment has been received, a Reward Points Balance window will appear showing the customer's total rewards balance. Tap Close from the window. Tap Done to close the order.

Adjusting Reward Points 

When adjusting reward points on the Point of Sale, you must be logged in as a Manager or Owner. 

  1. On the dashboard, tap Reward Cards.
  2. Enter or Scan the Rewards Card Number. Alternatively, you can tap Manage Customers, and adjust reward points through a specific customer's profile. 
  3. Under Rewards, adjust the Total Purchase Points or Total Visit Points. Then click Done

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