Using House Accounts on the Point of Sale

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After you have enabled the basic House Account functionality on the Management Console ([yoursubdomain], you can use house accounts on the Point of Sale as a form of payment. As you know, house accounts allow customers to take now and pay later. In essence, a house account acts as a long term tab.

You can access house account details on the Point of Sale and make payments on current balances.


Using House Accounts as Form of Payment

To use a house account as a form of payment on the Point of Sale:

  1. Start by creating a new order and adding the necessary items.
  2. For house accounts, you must always attach a customer to the order. Tap the Customers icon and then attach the correct customer to the order:

  3. Once you're ready to check out, tap the Pay button.
  4. On the Checkout screen, tap Credit + and then select House Account:

  5. If the customer attached to the order doesn't have a house account already, you'll receive a prompt asking if you'd like to create one for them:

  6. Tap Create to continue and then enter a max limit for the customer.
  7. If the customer already has a house account, you will not see this prompt.
  8. Notice the order balance has changed to $0. This means the balance was successfully transferred to the customer's house account.
  9. Tap Done to close the order.

Viewing House Account Details and Making Payments to House Accounts

To look at a customer's house account details or make a payment against their balance:

  1. From the Dashboard, tap the Customer button:

  2. Tap the customer's name and then tap Outstanding Balance from the overlay window:

  3. Here, you'll see all unpaid transactions as well as a total balance. You can also adjust the customer's account limit by tapping the Adjust Limit button:

  4. Lastly, you can make a payment to the current balance. Partial payments or full payments are both accepted. Once you've completed the payment, tap Done to close the window.

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