Resolving Orders Not Synced to Server Error

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If you encounter a notification on your Point of Sale login screen that indicates A certain number of payments/orders have not been sent to the server or Orders have failed to send to server, follow these troubleshooting steps to resolve the issue.

Please note, Revel recommends to do this at the end of service or when business is slow at the establishment.


Confirm Connection to Correct Network

To confirm that you are connected to the correct WiFi network:

ensuring a website will load in Safari can confirm this. If none of your POS stations are able to connect to the internet via Safari, please contact Support. If your devices are connected to the internet, please continue.

  1. First, go to Settings on the iPad and then tap WiFi:

  2. Next, confirm your iPad is connected to your Rev network. If you do not see a network that begins with Rev, please refer to our Verifying Revel Network Connection article.
  3. Once you have confirmed you are on your Revel network and are successfully connected to WiFi, open your Revel app and log in as a Manager.
  4. Once logged in, from the Dashboard, tap Settings.
  5. Then, tap Network Sync.
  6. Next, tap Sync Log and then Orders:

  7. If any orders have not been sent to the server, you will see them listed here.
  8. If there are orders showing as unsynced, tap Retry All. In 3-5 minutes, the unsent orders/ payments will begin to process.

WiFi Troubleshooting

If you tried the above steps, but unsynced orders are still showing in the Orders page, follow the below steps:

  1. First, close the Revel app by pressing the iPad home button twice. You will see all open apps displayed horizontally. Swipe up on the Revel app to completely close it:

  2. After that, navigate to the iPad's Settings and tap WiFi. From the right side of the screen, tap the WiFi oval to turn if Off. Wait 10 seconds, and then tap the oval again to turn it On:

  3. Next, confirm the iPad is connected to the Revel network by searching for any website in Safari, like or
  4. Once you have confirmed you're successfully connected to the network, open the Revel app and tap the Refresh button.
  5. In 3-5 minutes, the unsynced orders/ payments will begin to process.

Power Cycle the iPad

If there is still no change in your unsynced orders, follow the below steps:

  1. Hold down the power button to turn off the iPad.
  2. Once it is turned off, hold down the power button again to turn it back on.
  3. Once the iPad is powered on again, go to the iPad's Settings and tap WiFi.
  4. Tap the WiFi oval to turn it Off. Wait ten seconds, and tap the oval to turn it back On.
  5. Once WiFi is back on, connect to your Revel network.
  6. Now, open the Revel app and tap the Refresh button.
  7. In 3-5 minutes the unsynced orders/ paymetns will begin to process.

Reset Network Settings

If the above methods did not provide a resolution for your unsynced orders/ payments then the network settings need to be reset. To do this:

    1. Go to the iPad's Settings and tap WiFi.
    2. Next, tap your Revel network.
    3. Write down the IP address you see here. If you have multiple iPads, do this for each iPad since all iPads have their own individual IP addresses.
    4. Now, go back to the iPad's Settings page.
    5. Tap General from the left.
    6. Tap Reset
    7. towards the bottom right:

  1. Tap Reset Network Settings.
  2. The iPad will begin to reset. It may take a couple of minutes to turn back on.
  3. When the iPad is back on, go the the Settings.
  4. Tap WiFi.
  5. Next, tap Other and type your Revel network name (usually Rev followed by your establishment name).
  6. For the Password Type choose WPA2.
  7. Please contact Revel Support for the password.
  8. Next, open Safari on your iPad and try to pull up a website like or If the website loads, you have connectivity.
  9. Once you are connected, go back to the iPad's Settings and tap WiFi and then tap your Revel network.
  10. Next, tap Static and enter the following:
    • IP: Enter the IP address that you obtained earlier from this iPad.
    • Subnet Mask:
    • Router:
    • DNS:,
  11. Now, confirm your iPad can still connect to WiFi. To do this, open Safari and load a new website.
  12. Once you've confirmed you're connected to WiFi, open your Revel app and tap Refresh.
  13. Your orders should sync once you log into the app.

If the orders are still unsuccessful in syncing to the server, please contact Support or enter 911912 in the pin pad on the Revel log in screen. This will send your database to Revel and create a Support ticket. Please note: You will need to have an internet connection in order to send your database.

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