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Secondary Card Swipe

By Caresse


On the Point of Sale terminal, Admin Cards grants specific permissions to owner and manager users. Most credit card swipes are only configure to read encrypted cards (e.g. Credit, debit, and gift cards). Since Admin Cards are not encrypted, you will need to purchase a unencrypted secondary card swipe from our sales department. Please contact (415) 744-1433 x1.

Admin Cards and Secondary Card Swipes

Admin Cards are unencrypted cards design to work with your Point of Sale System. Managers and employees can use admin cards to clock in/out and access specific permissions, without entering a PIN number. This provides additional security to Managers/Owners as a PIN number can be accidentally shared. 


To purchase Admin cards, please contact Plastic Printers

      Lindsay Whipps | Account Manager

      1.800.808.7472 Main 1.651.319.4764 Direct


For more information on admin cards click here.

Please note: All Credit card transactions MUST be processed on the credit card swipes as secondary card swipes are ONLY for gift cards (if the card swipe is not working) and Admin cards.

Credit Card Swipes Vs.Secondary Card Swipes

All Credit card transactions MUST be processed on the credit card swipes. Secondary card swipes are ONLY for Gift Cards (when the primary credit card swipe is not working) and Admin Cards. 

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