Customizable Payment Methods

By Caresse


If you have a specific payment method that's not listed in Revel, you can create a Customizable Payment type to track reporting for different payment methods. 

Configuring Customizable Payments

  1. Begin by navigating to the settings tab. In the search for setting field, enter and check the box for Customizable Payments Types.

  2. On the right, enter your customizable payment names and check the box for Active.  To enable this option as a cash or credit payment, click the pencil icon.  Click +Add a Payment Type for creating additional payment methods. Then click Save

  3. Next, select the pencil icon to edit the customizable payment type. Enabling this specific payment type as Credit will prompt your customer to sign for the order. You can also select Capture ID and Label Names.

Using Customizable Payments on the Point of Sale

Before testing Customizable Payments, be sure to log out and refresh the Point of Sale.

  1. Add an item to the order screen. Then tap Pay.

  2. Under the payment options, scroll to the left and select Custom.

  3. Select the desired customizable payment method. Then tap Ok. If this is a credit payment option, swipe your customer's credit card on your third party device. It is important to note: a customizable payment method is similar to credit plus. You will be responsible for collecting credit payments, as Revel does not process credit transactions processed by a customizable payment. 


In the Sales Summary, Operations, and Payment Summary report, custom payment types are listed as a separate form of payment in each report. By expanding the custom payments tab, you will find the specific amounts for each detailed payment. 


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