Resetting Management Console Password

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Every time your access your Management Console ([yoursubdomain], you are required to enter a username and password. Please follow the below steps to reset your password.


Quick Password Reset

To reset your Management Console password using the quick reset method:

  1. Log in to the Management Console with your current username and password.
  2. Once you are in, click Change Password in the top right of your Management Console:

  3. Fill out the fields Old Password, New Password, and Confirm Password. Then, click Update.
  4. If any errors occurred, fix these and try the above step again.
  5. Refresh your page. You will be automatically logged out and taken back to the sign in screen. Here, enter your username and new password to sign in.

Manual Password Reset

To update your password manually or update another employee's password (assuming you have the Management Console permissions to do so):

  1. In the Management Console, navigate to the Employees tab.
  2. Click the details icon next to the employee whose password needs to be reset:

  3. In the Employee's Details page, scroll down to the Administrative Permissions section. Enter the new password in the Password field. Confirm the new password by typing it again in the Repeat Password field. Please note, the password will always show up as 5 dots regardless of the characters in the actual password. This is for security reasons.
  4. Once the new password has been entered, click Save:

Forgot Password Reset

We know, it happens, you forget your password to log into your Management Console. Luckily, Revel provides you with a Forgot Password link on the login home of your Management Console.

  1. Access your Management Console, ,[yoursubdomain]
  2. Click the Forgot Password link:
  3. Enter your email address and click Reset for a password reset email to be sent:
  4. Follow the instructions in the email to reset your password, then log in using your email address and new password.

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