Security Settings

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In Revel, you can easily customize the Management Console's security preferences. To update these settings, please contact our Support team!

Security Setting Description
Enable Management Console Auto-Logout  If enabled, this enables auto-logout on the Management Console after a certain period of inactivity.
Allow users to change their own passwords By click the Change Password link, users can change their password at any time on the Management Console. This setting is enabled by default. 
Enable Password Policy If enabled, you can adjust the password minimum length. 
Password History Number  How many passwords must be set before a user can reuse a password
Password Duration in Days Passwords will expire and need to be reset after the input number of days. If no number is input, passwords never expire
Disable Discounts After Login Failures

Set the maximum number of login failures a user allowed, before requiring the owner to reenable. 

Re-enable Account After How Many Minutes 

Set the specific number of minutes a user must wait for their account to be automatically reenabled. 

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