POS Sales Summary Reports

By Kelsey | Updated


This article covers Sales Summary Reports. Learn about other reports you can run on the point of sale in our article about Reporting in the Point of Sale

To access your Sales Summary reports on the point of sale, navigate to the Dashboard. Then tap the ellipsis icon in the top right corner of the Report field.From the Options overlay window, select Sales Summary, Hourly Sales, Product Mix, or Labor: 

  • The Sales Summary is broken down by:
    • Net Sales: Displays gross sales - discounts. Directly underneath the total net sales will be the amount the net sales have increased or decreased. This will display in green or red, respectively. 
    • Payments: Displays total payments made. Includes all payment methods. 
    • Discounts: Displays all discounts applied. Both order discounts and item discounts. 
    • Voided: Displays all voids made.


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