Epson TM-U220B

The Epson TM-U220B (commonly referred to as Epson U220) is mainly used to print item and recipe chits to the kitchen. To configure your kitchen receipt settings, please log into your management console and go to Settings > Settings (Advanced) > Kitchen View/Kitchen Print. There, you can select what items will appear on your receipts.

Hardware Setup

If you purchased your Epson U220 through Revel, the printer has already been configured to work with our router and access point. Simply plug the ethernet cord from the back of the printer (shown below outlined in red at the bottom of the printer) to any available ethernet port on the router.

NOTE: There are two different kinds of ports in the back of the printer. The ethernet port on the left-hand side (CAT 5/CAT 6) is meant for ethernet cords ONLY. Cables connecting cash drawers should be plugged in in the right-hand side in the back of printer. The port is similar to a phone jack, and therefore smaller than an ethernet cord. PLEASE DO NOT ATTEMPT to force the ethernet cord into the phone jack, or the cash drawer phone cord into the ethernet port. Also note that kitchen printers are used in very rare cases as receipt printers due to the amount of noise it produces, therefore it is also rarely hooked up to a cash drawer.

Lastly, connect the power cable to a power source. Turn the printer on by flipping the switch on the front face of the printer.

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