Epson TM-U220B

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Key Features:
  • The Epson TM-U220B (also known as Epson U220) is designed to print kitchen tickets.  It is an impact-style printer that uses replaceable ink cartridges.  It is more suited for use in kitchens than thermal printers, due to temperature considerations.
  • A variety of kitchen print settings can be adjusted in the management console in Settings > Kitchen View/Kitchen Print
  • It is possible to print modifiers and special requests in red, click here to find out how. 
  • This printer is not designed to print guest checks or POS receipts and should only be used for kitchen tickets
  • Can only print Arabic numerals (0-9) and Roman Characters (A-Z).  Other languages and characters are not supported
Hardware Setup:
  • If your printer was purchased from Revel, it should be pre-configured and ready to be connected.  There are three ports on the back of your printer.  An ethernet, RJ-11 (phone jack, this is not used) and power connection. epsonu220back.JPGSteps to connect it are as follows:
  1. Connect the included power supply to the circular power connection on the back of the printer.
  2. Connect a Cat5e or Cat6 ethernet cable to the ethernet port on the back of the printer.  Connect the other end to a numbered port on your Revel router, or a network switch that is connected to the router.
Basic Troubleshooting & Common Issues:
  • Kitchen tickets do not print and POS Gives error “Printer Not Responding” 
    • Check if the printer has paper
    • Check if the power lights are lit up on the front of the printer
    • Ensure the POS is connected to the Revel network
    • Power cycle the printer (turn it off for 10 seconds, then back on)
    • Ensure the ethernet cable is firmly connected on both ends
    • Check the Ethernet port LED status lights.  Green indicates the port is connected, flashing amber indicates network activity.
    • Ensure the ethernet cable is connected to your Revel router or a switch that is connected to the router.
    • Replace the ethernet cable connecting the printer
    • Ensure the IP address found in POS > Settings > About, matches the IP address printed directly from the printer.  To check the IP address of the printer: with the printer powered on, press and hold the ‘reset’ button on the back of the printer.  A configuration sheet will print that displays its’ IP address.
  • Kitchen Tickets do not print and no error message is given:
    • Confirm you have the printer assigned to your products. For steps to do this, click here.
    • Ensure that "Management console > Settings > Kitchen View/Kitchen Print > Dining Option Printers” is either blank, or this printer is correctly assigned.
    • Ensure the printer is not excluded from the POS, in "Management Console > Establishment > Stations > Station Details > Printing > Excluded kitchen Printers"
    • Ensure there is not another device on your Revel network with the same IP address as the printer
  • A red strip prints along one edge of all tickets
    • See section “Changing the ink cartridge”
  • If text printed on tickets is too small, you can adjust the text size on the POS.  Navigate to POS Settings > Printers.  Here you will see a list of your printers with a ‘Font Size’ option next to each. You may choose between “Normal” and “Large"
  • If the printer prints long tickets full of nonsensical characters.  Ensure that you do not have a POS receipt printer redirected to your kitchen printer in POS > Settings > Printers.  This printer is not designed to print POS receipts.
  • If the printer needs to be factory reset or reconfigured, please refer to this article
Changing the Ink Cartridge:
  • The Epson U220 uses replaceable ink cartridges, when low on ink, a red line will be printed down the side on all tickets
  • To change the cartridge:
    • 1. Gently lift the release lever on the top of the device.  Indicated by a triangle. This will open the top-half of the printer housing. change_ink1.JPG
    • 2. The lower half of the printer housing can now be opened, revealing the ink cartridge inside change_ink2.JPGchange_ink3.JPG
    • 3. Gently lift the ink cartridge to remove it change_ink4.JPG
    • 4. Insert a new ink cartridge.  Ensure that the ribbon slides into the space between the metal cover and toothed paper cutter, indicated in this photo change_ink4.JPG
    • 5. Turn the plastic wheel on the cartridge, to ensure it is tightened and aligned
    • 6. Close the lower half of the printer cover, then top half.

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