How do I generate an overview, or Product Mix, of the products sold during a reporting period?

By Wilson


The Product Mix report provides a breakdown of the all the products sold during the reporting period, organized by Product Class. In addition to basic quantities and costs/prices, it also includes information about voids and item discounts.

Along with Product Classes, you can also break down the report by individual items, modifiers and even SKU and total product costing. You can also filter this report by POS station, Employee, or Dining Option.

To view more information, select one of these options:

  • Show Details - Expands each class to show all the products associated with the class

  • Show Modifiers - Further expands each product and show the quantity of modifiers chosen for that product

  • Show SKU/Barcode - Reveals each product's SKU and Barcode under the name

  • Show Category - Reveals the category and subcategory of each product

  • Show Description - Shows the description of each product if they were set up under each product's properties.

Note: If you don't assign a class to a product, that product will be displayed under "Unknown Class".

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