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Creating Modifiers
Associating Modifiers to Products
           Assigning Free Amount/Quantity
           Forcing a Minimum/Maximum Amount of Modifiers
           Copying Modifiers to Multiple Products


Modifiers in Revel are used primarily by our Quick Service and our Table Service clients, although it is possible to enable modifiers for our Retail and Grocery clients as well. Modifiers are meant to modify how a particular Product is sold, either by:

  • Attaching additional Products to the original Product (e.g. adding a side to an entrée),
  • Adding other items to a Product (e.g. add avocado to a sandwich),
  • Providing variations of the Product (e.g. white vs. wheat bread, 8oz. vs. 12 oz.),
  • Including instructions on how the Product is to be prepared (e.g. raw, medium, well-done steak).

For this reason, Modifiers give clients perhaps the greatest flexibility in building out their Menu. 

Modifier Screen on the POS


Creating Modifiers

The first step in setting up modifiers would be to create the modifiers themselves on the backend. To do so, log into your management console, and click on the Products tab. On the left hand side, select Modifiers.

To create a new Modifier Class, simply click "+ Add Modifier Class", then type in the desired name. Once finished adding the class, select "Save" at the top right.

Once it has been made, select "Add Modifier" and type in the name. Continue doing this until all the necessary modifiers are created. In the example below, we have already entered a number of modifiers for Salad Dressing.

Following the same steps for creating a Modifier Class, individual Modifiers are created under the class by entering the name, the price (this is the upsell price that correlates to this particular modifier), and then clicking Save.


Associating Modifiers with Products

Now that you have created Modifier Classes and their Modifiers, the following step will be to associate Modifiers with individual Products. To do so, locate the product that you would like to associate modifiers with by clicking on the Products tab on the left-hand side, and selecting its corresponding Category and Sub-Category.

Modifier Icons

Note that if there are no modifiers currently associated with the product, then the M icon will appear light blue. If there are modifiers associated with the product, the M icon will appear dark blue. Click on the M icon to begin associating modifiers with the product.

Associating Modifiers to Products

The above screenshot shows the Products Details Settings screen. From here, select the Modifier class containing the modifiers you would like to associate with the Product from the left-hand tree. If you want to work with one modifier class at a time, check just one. Checking more than one modifier classes will populate the settings for each of those classes on the right-hand part of the screen. A light blue M will appear next to any modifier class that currently has at least one modifier associated with that product.

Within the Modifier Class, check off the boxes under the Active column for modifiers that you would want to display on the POS as available options. Note that Active means that the option to include that modifier will be available to the employee inputting the order, and in turn the customer. It is not a forced modifier. The DFLT (Default) column to the right will dictate which modifier(s) will be automatically selected by default.

Once you have made all your desired selections, click Confirm on the bottom of the page to save those changes.

Assigning Free Amount/Quantity

For some clients, some modifiers (usually toppings) are sold at an additional price of, say, $0.50 or $1.00. However, oftentimes there are a certain number of toppings that clients that choose from that come free with the product (e.g. first three toppings are free, additional toppings are $0.50). In order to set these free quantities, the parameters for these free amounts have to be set during modifier association.

Free Type

The modifier parameters field appears above the selection of active/default modifiers. To set up free amount, first select the kind of Free Type you would like to apply to these modifiers. There are currently two types:

  1. Quantity type – the maximum number of modifiers within that class that you would like your customers to be able to order.
  2. Price type – the maximum dollar amount that you would want discounted from the total of all modifiers chosen.

In the example above, the customer will be given the first three modifiers/toppings for free, and all other toppings will be charged at the price listed for that particular modifier. If the Type had been set to Price, then up to $3 worth of modifiers would be given for free.

Forcing a Minimum/Maximum Amount of Modifiers 

Maximum/Minimum Modifiers

In some cases, clients will need the ability to restrict the amount of modifiers than can be ordered along with the product. Clients are able to set a minimum amount, a maximum amount, or both. Instances in where this would be used is:

  • Minimum – Customers have to choose at least a certain number of modifiers. Example: at least one flavor for a smoothie beverage.
  • Maximum – Customers can choose at most a certain number of modifiers. Example: at most six kinds of donuts for a half-dozen. Any more modifiers chosen past the sixth donut is not allowed.
  • Min & Max – Customers have to choose at least a certain number, but no more than a higher or equal number. Example: Choosing at least and at most one temperature for meat (e.g. medium).

Copying Modifiers to Multiple Products

Usually, a client will create a modifier class, modifiers, and associate them with one product, but want to have those same options available across multiple products. For example, a burger may have the options of lettuce, tomato, onion, and pickles, but the same can also be applied for cheeseburgers, bacon cheeseburgers, veggie burgers, and other similar products. 

To copy modifiers onto multiple products, go to the Menu screen, and search for the Product containing the modifier class and associated settings that you would like to copy over. On the right-hand side, click on the double M icon, and a window will appear which will prompt to select a modifier class to copy over.

Copy Modifiers Icons

This will take you to the Copy Modifiers screen. Here, select the desired modifier class to copy under Copy Settings From (see below), and any associated setting of that class that you want to push to other products. To quickly select all settings (this is usually what clients want to do), check the box marked Select/Deselect All. The selected settings and modifiers will be outlined in blue.

On the right, the product tree allows you to pick the products to copy the modifiers to. Note that you are able to select an entire Category, an entire Sub-Category, or an individual Product, or a mix thereof. 

Once you are done, click Copy at the bottom of the page. You will receive an email once the process is complete.

Copy Modifiers Screen

For additional features for modifiers, please click here.(not available for Revel lite)

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