How to Clear Your Computer's Browser Cache

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Clients who are experiencing difficulties with viewing reports on the Management Console should clear the cache from their Internet history, close their browser, re-open their browser, and login to the Management Console again. Updated Management Console servers might cause reports to only reflect those in the cache, so it is important to delete to cache to reinitialize the reporting. 

To clear cache from the browser history:

Google Chrome:

Open the browser, and click on the three-bar button to the right of the address bar, and click Settings.

In that window, click on History, and click Clear Browsing Data. The following window will prompt which details are to be deleted. Be sure to select all fields with the exception of Content Licenses. For the time range, please select the beginning of time. Then, click Clear Browsing Data.



Click the menu button and choose Preferences.

Select the Advanced panel.

Click on the Network tab.

In the Cached Web Content section, click Clear Now.

Close the Preferences window.



Open the browser, and on the menu bar, click Safari > Preferences.

Select the Advanced tab. Click on Show Develop menu in menu bar.

In the Develop menu (now on the menu bar,) go down and click on Empty Caches.

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